Aged Care Training

CareSimTM is a powerful 3D simulation-based learning tool specially developed for students and support workers in Aged Care.

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What's included in the CareSimTM Aged Care package?

With subscription-based pricing, per student, per month, CareSimTM Aged Care training is an affordable way to deliver just-in-time, refresher training and assessment.

Competency-based modules training in the following:

  • Activities of Daily Living

    • Assisting a client with meals
    • Assisting a client to showering
    • Hot towel sponging a client in bed
    • Assisting a client to clean their teeth
    • Assisting a client to clean their dentures
    • Assisting a client to shave
    • Making an unoccupied bed
    • Offering a bed pan or urinal
    • Removal and application of continence aids
    • Fluid Thickening Procedure
  • Infection Control

    • Cleaning a trolley
    • Glove Application - Disposable
    • Glove Application - Sterile
    • Hand Hygiene - ABHR
    • Hand Hygiene - Soap and water
    • Personal Protective Equipment Application
    • Washing a bed
  • Complex Care

    • Measuring Blood Glucose Level
    • Control Testing a Glucometer
    • Calibrating a glucometer
    • Measurement of Oxygen Saturation
    • Temperature - Measurement
    • Measurement of Pulse and Respirations
    • Neurological Observations
    • Neurovascular Observations
    • Measurement of Height and Weight
    • Identifying a client
  • Manual Handling

    • Falls Recovery
    • Assisting a client into a car
    • Assisting a client out of a car
    • Bed to chair transfer

Cost effective. Convenient. Powerful. The future of training.

For a fraction of the cost of in-situ or mannequin-based training, and with all the convenience of computer-based training, why not give CareSimTM a try?

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